Vocational Training

Bachelor's Degree

400 USD

600-800 USD

1200 USD

Manufacturing (Garment; Food Processing)

Beltei International University;
Pannasastra University

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside large factories? How different departments work together to efficiently produce a product?

A Production Line Supervisor (PLS), also known as an Assembly Line or Manufacturing Supervisor, is a person that oversees and coordinates the entire production process within a factory and/or company. The Supervisor ensures that individual tasks – inspections, operations, assembly – are done effectively and in a timely fashion. The PLS plans, monitors and evaluates performance of personnel based on set criteria. Interpersonal skills are very important for this job, as the Supervisor must also maintain a positive work environment and motivate personnel. To become a Production Line Supervisor, one would typically require one to two years’ experience on the production line to gain adequate understanding and become familiar with all of the work processes that take place.


  • Consumerism is rapidly growing which means that companies have to produce at a faster rate with as little error as possible.
  • People management is a key skill to have, notably when working with high volume production.
Mr. Chheav Ngornkry
Production Unit Team Leader
Khmer Brewery Limited
I oversee and coordinate the entire production process within a factory.

After four years working as a Team Leader at Khmer Brewery Limited , I was promoted to Production Unit Team Leader. Prior to Khmer Brewery Limited , I worked for the K Cement company as an Operator and Production Leader.

Working for an international company means that you are always working to the highest standards. You always have to give 100% of yourself, and more, to maintain those standards. My daily responsibilities revolve around the production line. I monitor production quality, complete production per set schedule, manage and improve line efficiencies, manage team performance and develop people, among other things. These responsibilities and this position have allowed me to drastically improve my leadership skills and my soft skills.Like any other job, there are great challenges to being a Production Unit Team Leader. Managing people is not simple, and requires excellent soft skills. You also need to find the right balance to manage them and encourage them to work efficiently.
I’ve been fortunate to take additional courses, such as the Step Programme and Operational Excellence, both provided by the company, which have helped my career progress. I’ve also used my own initiative and undertaken an MBA at the National University of Management. These courses are helping me improve my soft skills, which help me become a great team leader.

I definitely think that this job has done a lot to help improve my interpersonal skills and has done a great deal to help me improve myself. It is also very satisfying to lead a team and successfully meet goals that have been set for us. For those reasons, I would highly recommend this job.

Employers will be looking for positive, goal-oriented people who are proficient in English and skilled in performing in a team environment. Be proactive and search online and in forums for opportunities. Before going to an interview, do your homework – know the role and the firm you are trying to get into.