Master's Degree

350 USD

500-600 USD

800-1500 USD

Construction; Design

Norton University;
Zaman University;
Beltei International University;
Cambodian University for Specialties;
University of South East Asia

Have you ever looked around and realised how beautiful the buildings are or wondered what you would do without them? Life is changing quickly in Cambodia. New highrise blocks are being built while old beautiful buildings are being restored and you could be part of this.

An Architect designs facilities to be constructed according to client requirements. They create new buildings, alterations and extensions to existing facilities, and do restorative work on broken down facilities. They create aesthetically pleasing designs that maintain functionality, while meeting safety standards. They draw the first draft of what a building will look like and then work together with Engineers throughout the construction process to ensure that budget, client, environmental and legal requirements are met.


  • Creativity and imagination are two key components of a good
  • Cambodia’s economic growth has increased the number of buildings,
    which implies a need for more Architects.
Miss Fellina Sok Cham
Architect (interior and design)
Independent Architect
Seeing your very own sketches come alive is an amazing feeling.

Creative freedom is something that we don’t all have the opportunity to explore. This is something that makes me passionate about my job and my designs, and ultimately is what motivated me to follow this career path. While I was still a university student, I knew that to be able to follow my passion I would need to be able to express myself creatively. After my graduation from university in France in 2010, I was made Lead Architect for a boutique hotel project in Phnom Penh. This turned out to be the opportunity I had been waiting for. After, I began working as a freelance Architect, taking on various projects in Cambodia.

As a young Architect you must be open to encounter new things every day, as learning different tasks allows you to know what you are good and bad at, what you like and dislike. You can explore your own weaknesses to make yourself into a better Architect.

One of the key challenges, as an Architect, is the constant search for new ideas – ideas that allow clients to stand out from the rest. But new ideas are not always accepted here, as most designs are homogeneous. Some of my designs are very different from what is generally seen or done in Cambodia, and clients are often not willing to change from what people are used to. Finding people who are willing to work on your ideas is not easy, and if I am able to find someone, I need to always ensure they execute the designs as planned.

Architecture and design is a great way to stimulate your creativity. Each project you work on will be different. Seeing your very own sketches come alive is an amazing feeling.

My next step is to start my own company – a space where I can exchange ideas with other Designers and Architects. By then I will be looking to hire a team. My number one criterion for young architects is to be passionate about your work. It is also important to be able to maintain focus and patience, as it takes time to come up with a great concept, and even more time to make it a reality.