Vocational Training

Bachelor's Degree

250 USD

350-450 USD

600 USD

Manufacturing (Garment; Food Processing)

Institute of Technology of Cambodia (Techno)

Would you enjoy working on diffrent types of computerised systems, fixing and maintaining them? In this industrial age, automated machines are key to the production line.

An Automation Technician, also known as a Robotics Technician, works primarily with automated machines. They are computer-controlled systems and devices in industrial facilities for food processing, automobile assembly, and garment manufacturing, that were designed to minimise human error and maximise efficiency. He/she is tasked with repairing, maintaining, monitoring and troubleshooting computerised systems. The Automation Technician must perform routine diagnostic checks and isolate problems. He/she must ensure that these machines operate at company standards to help meet production goals. Automation Technicians should have knowledge of digital software, electronics, and mechanics, and also possess strong communication and interpersonal skills to quickly bring new team members up to speed on processes.


  • ​Automation Technicians work with industrial automated robots that have
    the capacity to dramatically improve product quality.
Mr. Kouy Sovannmoniroth
Automation Technician
Khmer Brewery Limited
I’ve always been passionate about repairing machines and ensuring they don’t break down, and this job allows me to do that.

I graduated from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia in 2009, majoring in electricity and energy. That same year, I began my professional career with Khmer Brewery Limited through the company’s Graduation in Training Program (GIT). I began my career as an Electrical Engineer for about 3 years, before being promoted to Electrical Maintenance Team Leader for 2 years. Today, I work as an Automation and Maintenance Supervisor.

As a fresh graduate, I did not have the technical skills, or the soft skills, that most jobs required. With no real experience, I did not know where to start but Khmer Brewery Limited’s GIT program required no prior experience and was the perfect way for me to start my career. Over the years, I’ve acquired the skills and competencies that most employers look for.

My day-to-day is heavily oriented toward operations. I assign tasks accordingly to ensure that these tasks are done properly; I follow up on any remaining tasks and ensure they are completed; I fix any machine breakdown; I check our spare parts inventory; I follow up on purchase requisition and purchase orders; and ensure preventive maintenance is done on machines.

This job has allowed me to apply everything I’ve learned at university, something I am very happy about. I’ve always been very passionate about repairing machines and ensuring they don’t break down so often, and this job allows me to do just that. I also enjoy the responsibilities that I have, given that with every minute these machines breakdown, the company’s operations and productivity is affected.

I have been very proactive in advancing my career. Khmer Brewery Limited offers us various training courses to improve our skills. I’ve taken a number of courses, such as SIMATIC S7 Programming 1, SIMATIC S7 Troubleshooting, and a Supervisory Training Excellence Programme. With these, not only do I become a better employee, but I also gain the right skills, whether soft or hard, to help me move up the ladder.

If you enjoy taking on challenges, I would strongly recommend this job – especially given that many more job opportunities within this field are appearing, and not many students study for this. Like many other jobs, it’s important to have a good attitude towards work and your colleagues, as well as a strong work ethic and the courage to take on challenges. More particularly for this job, it’s important to have a basic knowledge of machinery and technology.