Vocational Training

Bachelor's Degree

250 USD

350-400 USD

1200-1500 USD

Construction; Infrastructure

Norton University;
Beltei International University

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to build your dream house, ensuring it was constructed to the best possible standard with the most efficient use of resources? A Construction Site Supervisor helps to oversee the construction process and aims to coordinate all employees into working towards the same common goal.

A Construction Site Supervisor oversees the daily activities taking place on a work site. They manage communications between contractors, subcontractors and any other parties that are relevant to the construction site, such as the community and local authorities. In doing so, the supervisor ensures that construction meets all required regulations. He/she also coordinates with all employees working onsite to ensure that the various stages of construction meet set deadlines, and inspects all the work being done to meet quality standards.


  • The base of the Great Pyramid in Egypt is large enough to cover 10
    football fields.
  • The Greek historian Herodotus believes it took 400,000 men 20
    years to construct the Great Pyramid.
Mr. Sun Vannak
Construction Site Supervisor
LBL International
When your project is finished, you get a very rewarding feeling, knowing that your supervision and direction helped accomplish something.

I was employed by LBL International in 2010, and have graduated through the ranks from Site Engineer to become a Site Manager in 2013 at the age of 29.

Civil Engineering has been my dream job since I was a child. I have always dreamt of one day helping my country develop, placing it on par with European nations.

As Site Manager, I am involved in and responsible for a number of things. On any given day I could be reviewing documents such as purchasing orders and designs, going on site to monitor the progress, quality and safety of what is being built, or meeting with our teams to organise action plans. I manage quite a number of people and am responsible for all of them, something I very much enjoy about my job. Teamwork is very important, so ensuring that everyone is happy working together is the first step to seeing the work done correctly. And when your project is finished, you get a very rewarding feeling, knowing that your supervision and direction helped accomplish something.

As the manager of a construction site, there is a lot we are responsible for, which presents a number of challenges. My primary challenges revolve around human resource management. With competitive labour rates for workers, construction sites can easily fall victim to human resource drain, creating problems in meeting deadlines.

If you enjoy working with people from different backgrounds with different skills, you might enjoy working as a Site Manager, as you will be required to understand and manage them effectively. You must lead by example, be very responsible, flexible, goal-orientated and well organised. This position also offers very competitive wages and allows you to build a strong reputation in your field of work.