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Have you ever wondered what information can be taken from a sample of blood? Or how athletes can be caught taking performance enhancing drugs? There is a lot that we can find out from laboratories.

Medical Laboratory Technicians perform laboratory tests, such as toxicology, chemistry, immunology, microbiology, haematology and coagulation. These tests provide data for Physicians to diagnose and treat patients, assist in life-saving blood transfusions, and reveal any disease or drug present in the blood. Lab Technicians play an important role in preventing and diagnosing diseases like cancer, AIDS and diabetes. They work in public or private establishments, both clinical and research.


  • Lab Technicians are some of the most sought-after positions in the healthcare industry. Forbes magazine listed Technicians as the hardest job to fill in 2013.
  • According to a study by Career Cast, Lab Technician was the 5th least stressful job in the medical field.
Pav Pichsokkim
Medical Laboratory Technician
Calmette Hospital
Medical Lab Technicians play a crucial role in helping Doctors make the correct diagnosis on a patient’s health.

I have been working at Calmette Hospital for more than 3 years, and am now a Laboratory Technician within the Molecular Biology Unit. Previously, I was on temporary support staff for JICA at the Ministry of Health, just after graduating from the Technical School for Medical Care.

I would say my career path has a lot to do with my surroundings and upbringing. I spent a lot of my childhood in the hospital where my mother is a full time nurse. I became accustomed to this environment and on top that, science had always been a subject that I was interested in. The idea of working independently and using technical processes was appealing. On top of that, Medical Lab Technicians play a crucial role in helping Doctors make the correct diagnosis on a patient’s health.

Working in the Molecular Biology Unit, I analyse viruses including Hepatitis and Tuberculosis. I am also in charge of newborn baby screening tests, which are undertaken in the Serology Unit.

What I like most about my current position is that I can provide patients with information that they need. Being a Lab Technician means you need to be sure that the results you get back are 100% correct, which means double-checking before giving out the final results. I’ve had the opportunities to train in Singapore and Belgium, in the Mutation Analysis Lab and the Molecular Lab. I would say this motivated me to further my education and pursue a Master’s in Biotechnology. I will start applying for scholarships. You are never too old to learn and the world of science keeps advancing day by day.

Sample preparation can be a big challenge as the Molecular Biology Unit requires a perfectly clean environment. If samples are collected improperly, they can be contaminated, which means you have to start again.

My advice for anyone looking at becoming a Lab Technician is to be industrious, get out and get some hands on experience wherever you can. Be curious and ready to learn, as different laboratories use different techniques. Keep an eye on job websites, as these types of jobs don’t stay vacant for long.