Vocational Training

Bachelor's Degree

300-350 USD

500-700 USD

800-1500 USD

eCommerce; Internet; IT

"Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP);
Institute of Technology of Cambodia (Techno);
Norton University;
Zaman University "

What would happen if your computer stopped working, would you be able to cope? What about if every computer in your company stopped working, what would you do then? A Software Programmer is the go-to person for all computer and software related solutions.

Software Programmer, also referred to as a Computer Programmer, is a profession that comes under the IT sector. They create programmes that are used by companies, the military, public entities and any other organisation that requires one. Their tasks range from designing, implementing, installing and managing a facility’s software systems, all the way to managing mobile device systems. Their main goal is to develop computer programs that allow computer systems to process information in the appropriate manner by specifying step-by-step processes. They must be proficient in different programming languages such as Java, XML and C++.


  • Programmers spend approximately 30% of their time surfing the source code.
  • Studies have shown that remote programmers have lower productivity than local programmers.
Mr. Sok Puthiphorn
Senior Programmer
My main goal is to develop computer programs that allow computer systems to process information in the appropriate manner by specifying step-by-step processes.

Technology and programming is my passion, so I love working in the Information Technology sector. Today I am a Senior Programmer at KhmerDev, where I have been working for just over one year.

In 2010, I started as an Internet Shop Controller in a local Internet café, working part-time before being hired as a Developer and Technical Support Team Leader at BnD Solutions in 2011. I progressed through company ranks to become Senior Programmer at Atmosphere Technology Co., Ltd by 2013.

As Programmers, we are faced with new problems to solve everyday, from debugging and working on someone else’s code to communicating and understanding what clients want. Additionally, technology is constantly changing and programming languages must constantly adapt, which means we must always stay on top of everything and don’t fall behind. We are constantly adapting and looking to improve as this is an industry with endless room for growth. The constant evolution of technology is what makes the job exciting.

One of the best things about being a Computer Programmer is that while companies generally require a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming, some will hire individuals with just a certificate or an associate degree. Experience is key; get as much as you can, however you can. If you are looking to work in this sector, my advice is that you should always be prepared – know the job and the company you are approaching. Most importantly, be ready to explain why you are the best candidate for the job. Start coding, immerse yourself in technology, and become a problem solver. If you love technology and working on step-by-step codes to help businesses run efficiently, this is the job for you. For me, I believe that with my current experience and knowledge I can become a Project Manager or Technical Team Leader.